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Björn Mandry (Cirque du Son / WONNEmusik)

About This Project

Björn Mandry is born and raised in Leverkusen, Germany; Björn started his career as a DJ in 1999. His influences stem from such bands as Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, and Kraftwerk. Björn’s first release, “Time Factor”, appeared on Mauritius Music in 2003 as well as on Paul Oakenfeld’s Perfekto Compilation mixed by Seb Fontaine. In collaboration with Peter Juergens and Oliver Klein he released his work on various labels such as Flow Vinyl, Selected Works, and Mauritius Music.

Together with his producer/partner Mr. Thomas Gold he collaborated some years, and Bjoern released the “Paintbootiqa EP” on Mauritius Music in 2006 and the track “Suppress You” on Flow Vinyl in 2007. After a short hiatus, Bjoern is back.

You can find Björn Mandry’s new releases on:

-Cirque du Son
-Deepartment Rec
-Opium Rec
-Mauritius Music

Download the EPK (Electronic Press Kitt) ->Here<-



    Music styles:

    Deep House, Tech House, House