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Marc O'Tool - Digi 84

Marc O’Tool – DIGI 84 (Album) – STRDST004

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Marc O'Tool - Digi 84
Marc O’Tool – DIGI 84 (LP) – [STRDST004]


„ The year is 1984.

You are sitting in your children’s room,
in front of your first computer –
waiting for the program to open.

Still wearing your Walkman,
you just came home from riding your BMX –
this could have been the soundtrack you were listening to.“

With the electronica masterpiece of an album – MARC O’TOOL’s sonic time capsule DIGI 84 transports you back to that special era. The beginning of the computer age when everything became digital and robots took over the industry. The time when Synthesizers and drum machines shook the world of music and everything sounded innovative and crystal clear.

The name of of the album was cast in stone before even starting to write the first note. What followed were twelve tracks fully immersing in the mood and vibe of 1984, propelling the listener into a retrofuturistic hybrid vibe of eternally pure digistalgia.

Marc O’Tool – DIGI 84 [STRDST004] (12 track album LP) on Neon Stardust Recordings

1. Run
2. Binary Life
3. Ride Like Jimmy
4. Sync Box
5. Main Program
6. Internal Fatal Error
7. Robotniko
8. Human Impact
9. Fun Society
10. Night Control
11. Source Code
12. Save

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BUY on BEATPORThttps://www.beatport.com/release/digi-84/1927751

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Label: Neon Stardust Recordings
Cat-No.: STRDST004
Format: digital download only
Distribution: Believe Digital – www.believedigital.com

Release Date:
10. Feb 2017 on Beatport (exclusive) & neonstardust.com
22. Feb 2017 all other shops