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we provide

tailormade modular to 360° music industry services

Having successfully realised countless projects over the years, our team can handle all of your music industry requirements.


Be it for creative development or the business execution of artists and record labels, specific releases or events alike – we can oversee and handle your project and bring it in on time and budget. We act as a bridge between the different entities of the music industry, enabling each to concentrate on their own potential, to do what they can do best to realise the bigger picture.


Providing guidance with all aspects of the music business, we help structure artist and label development and career, so that creativity is maintained throughout, whilst empowering our clients in getting their ideas across and fulfilled. We have dozens of projects experience working with artists and labels of all descriptions – developing the true essence of a client, helping to realise their art and business efficiently and to the highest possible standard.


With years of streetwise and business experience, combined with an extensively tied network, our modular to 360° full-service is the tailor-made approach to finding the optimum partners and channels for production, remixing, mastering, marketing and release of our clients art.


Furthermore our team is also available for tuition and consulting in any of the skill areas mentioned and maintains close ties to in-house providers of remixes, mastering, webdesign, 3d-animation and dvd-authoring to the highest industry standards.